Reusable handle made from locally grown beech wood.

TePe Choice™

The TePe Choice™ toothbrush is a soft bristle toothbrush with a reusable wooden handle and three replaceable brush heads. Made from locally grown beech wood, certified renewable materials such as renewable materials and castor oil. The soft end-rounded filaments make for a gentle and efficient cleaning.


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product description

  • Reusable handle made from locally grown beech wood.
  • Three replaceable brush heads in ISCC certified renewable material.
  • Soft end-rounded filaments made of castor oil for gentle cleaning.
  • Small, tapered brush head for easy access.
  • Less plastic waste thanks to replaceable brush heads.

The TePe Choice™ soft bristle toothbrush is an innovative toothbrush with a reusable wooden handle and replaceable brush heads. Replacing only the brush head on this eco friendly toothbrush, means less plastic waste. This reusable toothbrush is made from locally grown beech wood and ISCC certified renewable material. The soft end-rounded bristles make for a soft toothbrush and therefore a gentle cleaning. TePe Choice™ is a high-quality eco toothbrush that improves not only your own oral hygiene but is a good choice for the environment as well. Use the toothbrush twice a day, morning and evening, along with toothpaste to ensure good oral hygiene. This modular toothbrush is developed and produced in Sweden, in collaboration with dental experts.

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