Optimal for precision cleaning.

TePe Compact Tuft™

TePe Compact Tuft is a single-tuft brush with a dome-shaped brush head for precision cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, such as implants, attachments for overdentures, fixed braces, or along the gum line.


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product description

  • Optimal for precision cleaning.
  • Dome-shaped brush head with dense, rounded tuft.
  • Ideal for cleaning along the gumline, or on the occlusal surfaces of emerging teeth or impacted wisdom teeth.

TePe Compact Tuft is an angled brush with a small, dome-shaped tuft with tightly packed short filaments that give a firm feel. The stable handle and dense, firm tuft make this brush ideal for precision cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The brush is suitable for cleaning of bars, implant-supported constructions, attachments for overdentures, fixed braces, along the gum line, crowded teeth, emerging teeth, or impacted wisdom teeth. It is also ideal for brushing children’s emerging molars. Additional areas of use can occur upon recommendation from a dental professional. The Compact Tuft is suitable for all individuals; children should be assisted by an adult. The frequency of use is based upon individual needs and recommendations. Can be angled in hot water for better access.

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