The essential brace cleaning kit for a healthy smile.

TePe Orthodontic Kit

The essential brace kit for a healthy smile. The TePe Orthodontic brace care kit features carefully selected products to help you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy while wearing braces.


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product description

  • The essential brace cleaning kit for a healthy smile.
  • Information leaflet included with guidelines on how to use the products.
  • Orthodontic wax included to avoid or relieve soreness.
  • This kit contains 1x TePe Supreme™ Compact, 1x TePe Compact Tuft™, 2x TePe Interdental Brush, 1x TePe Angle Interdental Brush, 2x TePe EasyPick XS/S, 2x TePe EasyPick M/L, 1x Orthodontic Wax, 1x Product Information Leaflet

The TePe Orthodontic Kit is an all in one solution for your orthodontic cleaning needs, handily presented in a single box. Wearing braces requires thorough, careful cleaning of both teeth, gums, and appliance. Finding the right set of products can be both difficult and time-consuming. To save you from the decision taking and make things easier, we have put together a kit with carefully selected products for brace care. The TePe Orthodontic kit contains: Toothbrush and Specialbrush: TePe Supreme™ compact toothbrush with bristles in two levels for improved access around brackets and under the wire. This design enables more efficient cleaning further in between the teeth and along the gum line. TePe Compact Tuft™, a speciality brush for precision cleaning around brackets and retainers. Perfect for cleaning your hard-to-reach places. Interdental cleaning: TePe Original Interdental brush allows you to safely remove plaque between your teeth and effectively clean under your orthodontic wire. TePe Angle™ Interdental brush has a long handle and an angled head for easier access between the back teeth – allows you to safely remove plaque between your teeth and effectively clean under your orthodontic wire. TePe EasyPick™, a conical toothpick for easy cleaning between teeth – also great for on-the-go cleaning. Orthodontic wax: TePe Orthodontic wax to avoid or relieve soreness. Also protects the tongue, lips and cheeks from trauma which can be caused by newly placed appliances and provides temporary protection against damaged or displaced wires until professional assistance is available. Good oral hygiene is even more important with orthodontics; plaque quickly builds up around the brackets, bands, and wires. Using a high-quality toothbrush designed for cleaning around orthodontics, brushes designed to clean the sides of the teeth easily and under the orthodontic wire and on-the-go cleaning options to help you never experience the “food between the brackets” situation, are great ways to maintain your dental health during orthodontics. This kit provides a great step towards successful orthodontic treatment outcomes. Depending on the type of braces, additional products might be needed.

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