Tapered brush head for easy access.

TePe Select™ X-soft

The Select toothbrush is a high-quality toothbrush with a user-friendly handle, a tapered brush head for improved access and end-rounded filaments for gentle cleaning.


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product description

  • Tapered brush head for easy access.
  • End-rounded filaments for gentle and efficient cleaning.
  • Available in different filament textures.
  • Neck can be angled for easier reach.
  • Available in 10 different colours.

The Select toothbrush is a high quality and user-friendly toothbrush by TePe, developed in collaboration with dental experts for efficient and gentle plaque removal. The Select toothbrush is available in three sizes and three different filament textures: Extra Soft, Soft, and Medium. The tapered brush head improves access, and the end-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning. The neck of TePe Select can be angled after heating in hot water. The toothbrush should be used twice a day, morning and evening, together with toothpaste to maintain good oral hygiene. The Select toothbrush is suitable for adults and older children.

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